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            • Hham
              I don’t feel I’m being slanderous or defaming or harassing or any of those things when I say that as a customer and forum user I don’t feel like I am important to the devs and owners of this title. And after going through quite a few threads I see one dev response and then a reprimand for talking bad about devs. I further feel that I am not important to the business owners and devs. If you go through comments on here and YouTube and xbox posts you’ll see a LOT of the customer base feels the same.?
            • Hham
              Yeah these guys don’t understand a lot about business. Like right now there’s a blue helmet in the store for like $15. Really? First of all you’ll stand out better so it’s not a great idea. Second of all it doesn’t add any armor or anything so what’s the point? And third ITS $15!!!! Are you kidding me? Stuff is too grindy and too expensive and not enough time to try to complete. There’s o my going to be a small handful of people who max out food. And that’s only because they were already working on it a lot before the pass. It really is super poor business
            • AZCoder
              Version 1.2 is released. Primary change is switching to the Chernarus Winter map (CUP). The map did not exist yet when I originally released this, but it was always a Winter mission as seen by the fake snow piles and blizzard script. Also fixed a number of minor things in the change log of first post. Please note that the FPS may take a severe hit in the last part of the mission.
            • B. Aidan
              Yes, I have that installed. However, I am attempting to export a reticle model and I am unsure how to resolve the errors about it lacking a heightfield and returning negative for "isArmaObject"
            • Matthew Aiken
              It would be nice if there was a separate isolated game mode where revives could be a thing like a cpr device with a charge up time the same duration of time as the apex legends revive. Other than that I wouldn’t want a revive in the core game, I would however like to see body armor and helmets be a thing to avoid certain instant headshots. Less powerful weapons I mean snipers would always be instant kill with a headshot obvs